We provide you with timely and accurate information and analysis critical to your strategic decision-making processes. In order to meet the requirements for keeping an entity in good legal standing, this entity needs to keep the books on an annual basis. We maintain our clients’ books and records in accordance with local legislation. These books also form the basis for the corporate income tax returns and thus the basis for the tax advantages set forth in tax treaties.

By allowing us to help you with your day-to-day accounting, you will achieve, at the very least, the following advantages:

  • Proper records to allow for accurate tax return preparation and successful defense in the event of an audit.
  • Useful information for financial management and strategic planning.

Properly kept books are an essential tool to assess how your business plan is developing. Where you are now, what happened, and what you need to adjust to meet your long term goals are questions that cannot be answered without proper bookkeeping.
We will work with you year-round, and take appropriate actions at critical times in order to optimize your tax position.

Accounting Services

  • Prepare and recording transaction accounts in accordance with Accounting Standards.
  • Prepare the value added tax (VAT) report (PP.30) along with details and submit to the Revenue Department every month.
  • Prepare and submit the withholding tax form (PND.1,3,53) form to the Revenue Department.
  • Prepare and submit the corporate tax ( PND.51, PND.50 ) to the Revenue Department.
  • Prepare and submit the social security fund form to the Social Security Office.
  • Prepare accounting journals and general ledger.
  • Prepare the financial statements along with details.
  • Prepare fixed asset register.
  • Register as the bookkeeper in accordance with the thai-law requirement.
  • Prepare and submit the financial statement report to Ministry of Commerce and Revenue Department.
  • Accounting and tax consulting.

BOI Assurance Service

When the company receive corporate income tax privilege from Board of Investment (BOI). The company must prepare exempt Corporate Income Tax Form. This form must audit by external auditor before deliver to revenue department and BOI. We have auditor that has experience on this assurance service to support your business.

Summary of BOI Assurance Service

First step: Client acceptance. For this step, we inquire about the number of client’s BOI certificate, client’s requirement and agree BOI assurance fee.

Second step: Audit information in exempt Corporate Income Tax Form. We obtain all evidences that the company uses for preparing this form. For audit process, we audit with audit program from BOI.

Final step: Summary BOI Assurance process and issue report. Auditor evaluate all evidences that are received from client are sufficient and appropriate. After that, auditor prepares auditor’s BOI report. This report is determined by BOI.


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